The Dutch and American Gase and related families

The Family Tree of the American Gase, Moermond, Boes, Steigmeyer, Elchert, Nye and Yost families
The Family Tree of the Dutch Gase, Van Stein, Weder, Van der Fluit and Moermond families
Family Group Sheets
(compiled by Ronald A. Gase)
Tree currently contains 131.750 individuals and 55.890 families.
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Family Group Sheet

HUSBAND Theodorus Johannes "Theo" JANSON

13 April 1936

Anna Paulowna, Hollands Kroon, Noord-Holland, Nederland


medewerker Rijkswaterstaat;

25 October 1962

Callantsoog, Schagen, Noord-Holland/'t Zand, Zijpe, Schagen, Noord-Holland (RK)
FatherJohannes Leonardus "Jan" JANSON
MotherClazina "Sien" van den NOULAND
WIFE Maria "Riet" van der FLUIT

9 February 1939

Callantsoog, Schagen, Noord-Holland
FatherJohannes "Jan" van der FLUIT
MotherBregtje "Breggie" de VRIES


Johannes Leonardus "Arjan" JANSON

21 September 1963

Callantsoog, Schagen, Noord-Holland


Clazina Brigitha Maria "Carla" JANSON

3 October 1964

Callantsoog, Schagen, Noord-Holland


Maria Brigitta "Margriet" JANSON

4 January 1967

Callantsoog, Schagen, Noord-Holland


Anna Dorothea "Andrea" JANSON

4 May 1970

Callantsoog, Schagen, Noord-Holland